Robozuna is a TV series I worked on during nearly a year and a half as a lighting and compositing artist. I was responsible of entire sequences per episodes. I created my own light and comp set ups. We had to deliver 2 episodes of 20 minutes each per month in lighting and compositing.
I arrived during at half of the first season (or end of season 1 according to Netflix and ITV release) so my work isn’t on air yet, even if I helped to do client retakes on the first episodes.

Here is the pitch of the series:

Robozuna follows the story of Ariston, a 14-year-old boy and Mangle, his robot best friend. Ariston and Mangle live in a world where the Corvus Imperium rule the land with an iron fist and an army of Centurions, destroying anything they can’t own or control – you have to be ready to do battle, anytime, anywhere.

Software used: Guerilla, Nuke

Here are some screenshots of shots I’ve done, all lighting and compositing for the season 2