Clarks adverts

This is a project I’ve worked on at Suns and Moon Studios, based in Bristol, England. The job consisted in creating two adverts for famous brand Clarks. These two were running on TV and in cinemas in UK and USA.

On the Daisy’s one, I did the textures, some shaders, the character lighting and all the rendering and compositing except particles and the last shot.
On the Jack’s one, I did the shaders of the cars (the « real » one and the toy) and the Ipad, the lighting of the scenes where the car goes down in the Ipad and jump out of it, the rendering and compositing of the shots in the interior of the car.

I really enjoyed to work on those adverts because of the style, half cartoon, half realistic, and because of the amazing team I worked with.

Software:  3DS Max, V-Ray, Mudbox, Photoshop, After Effects

You can see the breackdowns of my work here: Jack’s breackdown and Daisy’s breakdowns